Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

Reality show following the auditioning process and making of the annual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 6.2

Season 3 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"Over 600 excited and anxious Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders hopefuls arrive at Texas Stadium for the preliminary auditions.\u00a0 After performing their freestyle dance routines for the judges, they anxiously await the reveal of who gets to move on ... only 130 make it to the semi-finals.\u00a0 At semis, they\u2019re taught the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders\u2019 style of dance, along with the legendary kick line.\u00a0 Amid tears of joy and disappointment, only 60 girls are called back for the finals, where they\u2019ll compete against the seasoned veterans to earn a spot in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Training Camp."
"In the finals audition, the competition really heats up.\u00a0 Now, surviving candidates must go head-to-head against experienced veteran cheerleaders for a coveted spot in the DCC Training Camp. All trying out are interviewed by judges, have their backgrounds checked and are asked to perform solo dance routines.\u00a0 Which candidates can handle the stress and \u201cWOW\u201d the judges to prove they are the total package? \u00a0Only 45 have what it takes and in a dramatic DCC upset, returning veteran cheerleaders are not invited back to the squad."
"Training Camp begins!\u00a0 The newly elected training camp candidates are excited, even star struck, as they meet the veterans for the first time at Valley Ranch.\u00a0 At the first team meeting, anxiety ripples through the ranks when DCC director Kelli Finglass announces that a couple of the more seasoned veterans have failed the written test. \u00a0\u00a0Veterans come up short again during the body fat evaluation\u2014some of them have put on weight, while the rookies test lean and mean.\u00a0 The vets\u2019 experience finally shines through at the first dance rehearsals, while the newbie rookies struggle to learn the choreography."
"Only two weeks into training camp, it's time to start making cuts. Uniform Fittings is the first order of business. It's a bittersweet moment when the rookies are measured for their uniforms because they have yet to really earn them. From the famous knotted blue blouse to the belted white shorts, the rookie candidates hope Kelli confirms that they have the DCC \"look.\"\u00a0Then the group competes in a grueling army fitness test to try and earn the privilege of being on the elite \"Power Squad.\" At that evening's rehearsal the first cuts will be made."
"After saying goodbye to one of their own, reality sets in for the remaining training camp candidates:\u00a0 nobody's position on the squad is secure.\u00a0 Hard charging, Kitty Carter is asked to work with the weaker girls and whip them into shape.\u00a0 The rookies are given \u201cmakeovers\u201d to transform them into the image of a DCC. \u00a0Can these makeovers give them enough confidence to raise their performance?\u00a0 Tonight is proof that your past can come back to haunt you as girls are called into Kelli\u2019s office. \u00a0How many live to dance another day?"
"The entire squad needs a wake up call and guest choreographer Kitty Carter gives it to them.\u00a0She takes the group through a grueling dance rehearsal only to leave a few girls emotional wrecks. Then it's time for a lesson in DCC etiquette. The fashion dos and don'ts put the squad on notice that they must perform off the field in the perfect DCC style.\u00a0 When Jay shows up with Dallas Cowboys football players, the game is on, in the 1st annual Vets vs. Rookies football game.\u00a0The night's rehearsal is a challenge as the pace quickens and missteps on the dance floor lead to more girls falling short of the mark. Kelli continues cutting as she looks for the best 36 in the room!"
"Some fantasies come true, as the remaining lucky training camp candidates model the iconic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform during a sexy cameo photo shoot. Later, a seasoned veteran lends a rookie a hand (and a few of her signature moves) when the young newbie is asked to dance with more sex appeal. At the Dallas-Fort Worth airport's USO, the DCC say an emotional goodbye to troops shipping off to Iraq and Afghanistan. Then, the final dance rehearsal of week 7 has a surprise guest judge who puts everyone on edge. Ultimately, in Kelli's office, the tears flow as some dreams surprisingly come to an end."
"With more cuts looming, and only two rehearsals left, the girls struggle into their famous white cowboy boots for the first time. Then, Judy and Megan Fox dish out the critiques as they run through their final dance routines. In the blistering heat of Texas Stadium, Jay puts the girls' endurance to the test with an event he calls Pom Pom Punishment. It's four minutes of non-stop madness that should get the girls in shape for their pre-game dance, kick line, and flying splits. Later, Kelli and Judy make their final decisions as the girls dance their hearts out on the practice field. Suddenly, a veteran is on the bubble. Amid tears of disappointment, Kelli makes the very last cuts. Relief fills the hearts of all as the '08-'09 squad is announced. It's off to the team photo and some poolside sun bathing, as the girls bond at the DCC annual campout. Join 65,000 screaming Cowboys fans as the cheerleaders hit the turf and wow the entire stadium and themselves during their first Dallas Cowboys football game of the season."
Season 5 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"For the first time, the magnificent Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, is the venue for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders auditions. Over 600 candidates with dreams of making the 2010-2011 DCC team arrive before sunrise for the preliminaries. Only 96 ladies will be invited to the semifinal round. At semis the following morning, the candidates are expected to learn an intense and intricate DCC combination and the world-renowned DCC kick-line choreography in under an hour -- and then, exhausted and nervous, perform both dances in front of the judges. The intensity of the competition comes to an end when 47 girls are invited to join 27 returning DCC veterans at the finals auditions."
"The 47 new girls invited to attend DCC finals auditions have had two weeks to prepare, but are they ready to swap dance moves with the 27 returning DCC veterans? From judges' panel interviews to elaborate solo dance routines, all the girls are scrutinized and critiqued. And for the first time ever, the DCC combination dance and kick line portions of the audition are performed on the field. This year, the judges view the performances on the mammoth 60-yard long HD screen hovering from the roof of Cowboys Stadium. From this vantage point, the slightest misstep, bad hairstyle, gaudy make-up or flabby tummy is magnified and seen like never before. At the end of the day, 44 girls are invited to training camp."
"DCC training camp begins. The training camp candidates arrive at Valley Ranch for the first time and have the opportunity to meet their idols and mentors -- the DCC veterans. DCC director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC choreographer Judy Trammel lead the orientation meeting with each training camp candidate and veteran, sharing a little known yet surprising fact about themselves. The following day, before the first night of rehearsals, the veterans break the tension and promote team bonding when they host a luncheon for the rookie candidates. DCC alums join the party and offer some insightful advice to all in attendance. That evening, the first night of rehearsal reveals these rookie candidates have a long way to go if they are going to take the field with the vets for the first game."
"In just the second week of rehearsals, the first cuts of a training camp loom. Before the arduous rehearsals begin, a few select veterans in training camp are sent to film a segment for Good Morning America and they help to make a life-long dream come true for one lucky lady. Then, the rookie candidates are fitted for their DCC uniforms. It's a process that is tinged with excitement and optimism as these girls hope to one day wear the iconic blue blouse and belted white shorts on the field at Cowboys Stadium. To date, the training camp candidates have learned four routines and this week's rehearsals are important for all. The evaluation of the candidates' mastery of these dances will be meticulous under the watchful eye of DCC Director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC Choreographer Judy Trammell. Four candidates are called into the office for a meeting with Kelli and Judy. Who will be warned and who will be told, \"This will be your last night\"?"
"Week four of training camp begins with the rookie candidates getting their DCC \"Makeovers.\" From having their hair and make-up revamped to receiving full body tans and teeth whitening, the rookie candidates are transformed into the DCC mold and in the process instilled with a new confidence and drive to make the squad. Next, both rookie candidates and veterans audition for the illustrious DCC Show Group. The evening is a magnificent showcase of the girls' talents and abilities to perform powerful dance moves and acrobatics. But only a select group will be chosen for this squad. As rehearsals begin, the training camp candidates know there are more cuts coming. DCC Director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC Choreographer Judy Trammell are looking for marked improvement by everyone. Three candidates are called into Kelli's office for a face-to-face meeting about their progress. The atmosphere is tense and emotional for all, but cuts must be made. Who lives to dance again at Valley Ranch?"
"The end of training camp is approaching, and DCC cameo photos are on the schedule. The training camp candidates and veterans are readied for their close-ups, dressed in their fitted DCC uniform with their hair and makeup flawless. It's a joyous time for them, but there is a purpose to the glitz and glamour. DCC director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC choreographer Judy Trammel are searching for the perfect DCC package, and these photos are a tell-all. The good and the bad is revealed. Next, technical director Kitty Carter shows up at Valley Ranch and directs the girls through rehearsal. With Kelli and Judy looking on, Kitty is quick with her blunt honesty in calling out the glaring mistakes made by the candidates and veterans during drills and routines. Kelli's and Judy's eyes are opened to a wide array of lingering problems with this class -- from performance issues to weight gains. Tonight, no one is safe from being scrutinized. Eight girls -- vets and candidates -- are called into the office. Who stays? Who goes home?"
"The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2010 squad must be announced in the next two days. It's no secret it is crunch time and the pressure is relentless for the training camp candidates. The time to impress is now. On a blistering, hot Texas evening at a local high school football stadium, the girls take to the turf for their one and only field rehearsal. DCC director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC choreographer Judy Trammel are joined by DCC technical director Kitty Carter to observe and critique from the stadium seats. Here, the mirrors and pristine dance floor are gone, and the field proves to be a strange and trying surface for the rookie candidates to perform their routines, kick line and flying splits. For Kelli and Judy, this field rehearsal reveals potential problems with how some of the girls manage and stand out on the field. The following evening, back at Valley Ranch, Kelli and Judy focus on the training camp candidates throughout the final studio rehearsal. Both know the squad must be chosen tonight, and the candidates' performance throws Kelli and Judy into a cloud of uncertainty. After hours of deliberation, Kelli and Judy finally address the girls. Fear, nerves and heartbreak set in as Kelli announces whom she wants to see in her office. But, by the end of the night, are they completely sure they made the right choices? Are there still others -- both candidates and veterans -- who will be sent home during the squad photo shoot the next day?"
"Thirty-four rookie candidates and veterans suit up for the squad photo. But a day of celebration and joy is dampened by the fact that DCC director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC choreographer Judy Trammel have yet to officially announce the 2010 squad. Tensions run high among the girls as Kelli and Judy inspect each in the DCC uniform. Will the girls win Judy's and Kelli's approval, or will this be the last time some of them wear the iconic star-spangled uniform? With the squad finally set, the 2010 DCC take to the turf of Cowboys Stadium for their first field performance in front of 85,000 ecstatic fans. For the rookies, it is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and the veterans cherish the reignited excitement once again. Next it's time for the 2011 DCC Swimsuit Calendar photo shoot, and we follow the veterans on their trip to an exotic location in Mexico. The tropical surroundings and top model treatment have the girls letting their hair down as we get an inside look at how this celebrated calendar comes to life. Finally, the DCC Show Group is scheduled to take to the stage at Cowboys Stadium for the Super Bowl Kickoff event. These girls are the most accomplished and powerful dancers on the squad, but the staging is tricky and rehearsals reveal they have yet to master the choreography. By show time, Judy and Kelli make the necessary adjustments and the DCC deliver another explosive performance."
Season 6 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
Season 7 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"Six hundred hopeful candidates arrive at Cowboys Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders preliminary auditions."
"DCC training camp opens, and many of the new candidates have had to uproot their lives and move to Dallas with no guarantee of becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. DCC director Kelli McGonagill Finglass is quick to state there will be no tolerance of missed practices, lax effort or foolish decisions outside the DCC. Simply put, if you screw up, you're cut."
"It is just the second week of rehearsals, and Kelli and Judy are quick to run the training camp candidates through the signature kick line and jump split. Many of the new candidates have never done a jump split, and their inexperience causes a few girls to be injured."
Season 8 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"D.J. Guthrie teaches the ladies a new dance style; Kelli and Judy have some tough decisions to make."
"Kitty Carter pays a visit to the training camp and takes no prisoners, ripping into the new girls and the veterans."
"With their futures on the line, the camp candidates need to push through their emotions to prove they deserve to be a part of \"America's Sweethearts\"."
"The squad finally learn their fate and dreams come true."
Season 9 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
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Season 10 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"400 girls that have aspired to become a world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader put it all on the line as preliminary auditions for the 2015-2016 season begin."
"Dreams are made and hopes are crushed when the 59 candidates are reduced down to 46 to attend training camp."
"Training camp begins and the candidates start to crack as the reality of how hard it is to become a DCC sets in. Melissa Rycroft offers the ladies hope and advice on how to make it through."
"Kelli and Judy must cut 10 girls to get down to the magic number of 36 for the squad. Uniform fittings give Kelli a better idea of who has the whole package."
"The ladies get the DCC look, which helps some but not all. Later, two surprise guests stop by rehearsal and rock the DCC's world; and Kelli endures an incredibly awkward office visit."
"Cameos and Show Group auditions push the new girls and vets to their limits. Meanwhile, Melissa Rycroft tries to save a DCC who is hanging by a thread; and a shocking outcome occurs from a Kelli office visit."
Season 11 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"Hundreds of beautiful and talented hopefuls arrive to try out for the best cheerleading team in the world, while many of the returning girls are looking for redemption. New judges increase the pressure of moving on to Finals."
"Veterans fight for their jobs as new girls try to live their dreams and make DCC Training Camp. But standing in their way are panel interviews, solos, an exhausting dance combination and a room full of very tough judges."
"The new candidates' eyes are opened when they get a taste of what it is to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. As girls struggle to learn the dances, the reality of being \"Big Time\" sets in. Melissa Rycroft meets the new ladies for the first time."
"A new choreographer shakes things up as uniform fittings and the Belk fashion show are on the agenda. Meanwhile, singer Kacey Musgraves stops by rehearsal."
"Melissa Rycroft makes a house call to help Yuko; Kitty Carter rocks a few of the candidate's worlds; cameos give Kelli and Judy a fresh perspective on the girls; the girls let it all hang out at Show Group auditions."
"Kellie Pickler comes to a rehearsal to share her experience and motivate the girls as training camp comes to an end; Melissa Rycroft makes Kelsey aware of a big mistake; Candice Romo helps with a big night of cuts."
"The squad is announced and it's bittersweet as some favorites go home. Later, the team makes its first appearance at the Star Ribbon cutting, and game day is when dreams really come true."
Season 12 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"Hundreds of beautiful and talented women converge on AT&T Stadium to start the hardest audition process in professional sports, trying out for a coveted spot on the most famous NFL cheerleading squad in the world."
"With the field narrowed down to 119 women, the pressure is on. They must quickly learn a power pom routine and the famous kickline in order to perform it an hour later before the judges."
"The veterans finally enter the audition process. Now all 83 women are judged head to head during a panel interview, a solo dance performance and on their appearance on the football field as seen and the big screen."
"44 women begin the very first training camp at the new 1 billion dollar Cowboys\u2019 facility, The Star. At the First Meeting, Kelli lays down the law and makes it clear that eight women will be sent home this summer."
"First the ladies need to have the \u201cclassic look\u201d of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Kelli\u2019s hair and make-up transformations are legendary. The ladies are also assessed through a new state of the art fitness test, \u201cStyku\u201d."
"Kelli media trains the rookie candidates to determine who best represents the DCC at press events. NBC news anchor, Meredith Land tests their on-camera interview skills."
"Personality is critical when representing the DCC brand. Kelli takes the women on location to see how they interact during a public appearance."
"Katy Perry\u2019s choreographer, Nick Florez, stops by to offer some performance advice to the ladies. A day that each cheerleader never forgets. The first time they wear the DCC uniform to pose for their cameo photos."
"The squad goes on an appearance to support pop music star, Demi Lovato. The ladies learn the entrance to the famed pre-game dance. It\u2019s a make or break moment. If a woman can\u2019t learn it quickly it might be her last night."
"With two suspended vets, the team must re-block their formations for their Hall Of Fame performance. New vets step up as a new point of the triangle is named. The rookie candidates try to get their footing during this never seen before rehearsal."
"23 veterans travel to Canton, Ohio to perform at Jerry Jones\u2019 induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. All eyes are watching as the DCC perform for the NFL elite."
"As training camp winds down the pressure skyrockets. No one wants to be sent home now. The ladies start to crack under the pressure. Another one is sent home. Will this be the final cut?"
"Kelli announces the official squad and the women realize the hard fought dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Full of excitement and nerves, the squad prepares for their very first football game at AT&T Stadium."
Season 13 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"Hundreds of eager hopefuls -- ranging from starry-eyed rookies to experienced NFL cheerleaders -- gather at AT&T Stadium for a shot at joining the world\u2019s most famous squad."
"The 125 remaining hopefuls must nail a choreographed routine before advancing to the final rounds, and the DCC veterans reveal their plans for the future."
"A former Laker Girl who survived the Las Vegas shooting chases her dream, and the women work on their solo presentations and interviews as finals approach."
"The returning veterans travel to the Bahamas to shoot the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders swimsuit calendar, and the rookies feel the pressure as training camp begins."
"The first-year hopefuls get new looks on Rookie Makeover Day, DCC alumni give the candidates feedback, and Cowboys' Head Coach Jason Garrett stops by during a rehearsal."
"Before Kelli and Judy make roster cuts, the rookies learn the famed kickline and jump splits, get fitted for the iconic uniform and face Jay Johnson's power squad training."
"Emmy-winning choreographer Travis Wall tests the hopefuls\u2019 contemporary dance skills, Kelli and Judy make show group selections, and Melissa Rycroft teaches injury prevention."
"A veterinary technician chases her dream, Kelli has an uncomfortable conversation about an applicant\u2019s weight, and the women explore their new city."
"Candidates hit the football field for the first time as Judy teaches them the DCC entrance. If a candidate can\u2019t pick it up quickly, she will be cut!"
"Candidates take their publicity photo. Being photogenic is a must. You either take a good photo or not. Kelli puts the ladies through media training."
"Michael Jackson dancer Marcea Lane comes to town to shake things up; the candidates learn how to rejuvenate; the swimsuit calendar covers are revealed at a special event."
"Judy gets tough at rehearsal; the candidates learn how to carry themselves under pressure at etiquette training; the first Show Group performance of the year; new members of Show Group, the ladies must shine in front of Charlotte and Mr. Jones."
"The final rehearsal - to cut or not to cut, that is the question; dreams come true as the squad photo is taken; the ladies hit the field for their first game, but first they must prove the moment isn't too big for them."
Season 14 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
"Four hundred dancers from all over the country converge on AT&T Stadium to start the hardest audition process in the entertainment business to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader."
"The 101 remaining hopefuls must master tough choreography, learn the famous DCC kickline and impress judges Melissa Rycroft and Charm La'Donna. Melissa Rycroft and Charm LaDonna are featured."
"It\u2019s Finals! The new rookie candidates face off against the re-auditioning veterans."
"36 hours after making Training Camp the candidates are thrust into a new level of pressure. Some break down."
"Emmy-award winning choreographer, Travis Wall, comes to rehearsal to shake things up. The physical rigors of training camp begin with the kickline and the fear of the jumpsplits."
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Season 15 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
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